Burdens of Being a Person

by View Finder

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A collection of songs that could potentially be good if not created entirely by me.


released April 4, 2016

Brad Merrell - guitar, vocals, melodica, piano, singing saw, electric guitar, ukulele, stylophone, drums, tambourine, toy accordion, wooden frog, knocking on table

Clouds - thunder, rain



all rights reserved


View Finder Endicott, New York

A shark swimming inside a parched puddle in the frozen forest next door


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Track Name: Take Me Away
Take me away from these
Angel-less places
And put them inside of their
Tangled-up faces
I don't have a clue what I'm
Doing right now
But the memory will follow me
Always around

Just put me inside of a
Stone covered box
And give me some more of those
Alphabet blocks
I'll be fine here forever if you
Let me exist
But don't take them away or I'll
Break both my fists
Track Name: Burdens of Being a Person Pt. 1
Inside the incisions
I see the inscriptions
Of science fictions and fame

But bright flashing colors
Are simply the stutters
Of dark and dangerous times

The blossoming burdens of
Being a person
Insist on persisting to be

And bright forest fires
That burn ever higher
Enlist and exist inside me

But I can see a reflection inside
Inside of the sky
It's crying and trying to fly

The big institutions
Of old ancient ruins
Are filled with confusion and pain

The balance is broken
It's stalling the motion
Inside of the ocean's terrain

But sometimes a feeling
Can seem so appealing
And sink through the ceiling and sigh

But now that you're nothing
It's crushing and cutting
The structures that made up your mind

But I can see a solution inside
Inside of the sky, where we are
Crying and trying to die
Track Name: Illusion
If I cannot find an answer before my breathing ends
Then I will not come up for air, our destiny depends
On what is coming through, structured and absurd
It’s all going through me to me, everything I think is sinking
Into the air

Write these words inside my head and see what climbs outside
It’s an illusion of the dream that we are all living inside
It’s all an allusion to a world that grows radios in its eyes
It’s all becoming tangled tastes of which my tongue can’t recognize

Limited and dimly flashing all its colors all inside me all surprising
And they are all gone so soon
Too soon

So many bookshelves lining up side by side they stand as one
All the pages merely made out of the same 26 letters
And they all sound unique and they all show mystique
And they all make me feel better
Track Name: Song for Liz
Alone again inside a storm
Of stupid thoughts and savage thorns
That sting inside your teary eyes
And break the view of starry skies
That shower down upon your head
Winter comes when the summer sun is dead

Oh, the emptiness of artichokes
Bodies made from frilly folks
Have left you standing on the street
Internal wars that can’t be beat
Intentions of a greater past
Sing through swings and frolic through the grass

And though the liar left her lights off
In the living room to show she isn’t home
You’ll never be abandoned by
The ones who know what it’s like to be alone

Oh, listen to the words I say
Through saddened eyes on Saturdays
The autumn leaves are falling down
And soon they’ll learn to leave this town
So don’t believe the things you say
I know you know you’ll find a friend someday

Oh and the carnivals are spinning still
Carousels and wedding bells
And sirens sounding the the night
They all awake the morning light
So think the thoughts of green not gray
The darkness dies at the dawn of every day

And though the liar left her life inside
The garden full of grass all overgrown
You'll never be abandoned by
The ones who know what it’s like to be alone
Track Name: Winter Wasteland
Summer has sold its soul to satan it seems
Leaves are collecting inside of the rivers and streams
Blocking off the progression of the currents to the sea
Suspending their movements indefinitely
And in coming December all the oceans will freeze
Giving our time here irrelevancy

Wandering cold lonely walks through a winter wasteland
Wishing the seasons would stop playing games that I don’t understand
Staring at the reflection of a silent century
Looking intently intentionally
But it’s just a refraction from a flood of memories
Being blown back by the cold bitter breeze

And I feel like a record’s repeating final groove
Looping in time 'till the needle’s removed
Repeating the names of everyone I knew
Before the darkness burned though
Track Name: Emily
Emily, you see, you're a vast gallimaufry
An entrance to an exit filled with slight uncertainty
Like my mind’s terrain made of mountains of disdain
Like a burning mound all falling down and founding fiery pain
You pace your parent’s place and make your lakes of paper snowflakes
Surrounded by your childhood but don’t feel like a child would anymore

Emily, you see, all this strange monotony
A parametric district with your sorry symphony
You make yourself seem right, but the truth is you feel fright
From the ever turning torture chamber keeping you up at night
The cardboard boxes burning and the chimney full of flames
Are crying in their armor, justifying ancient claims
And when the boy you loved turns to silence and decay
You let your own emotions lead your strangled soul astray

Oh what’s the use in even trying?
There’s no one here to hold you
When you’re panicking and crying

The colors that you once believed
Are fading into dark never
Again to be perceived

And that’s the end of this
This is the end of that
The miracles above never existed to begin with
Still you shouldn’t listen
To the nonexistent children
As they're bracing for collision
With an imprecise suspicion of deceit

A memory can never last beyond when you care
Then when you try to get it back you reach but nothing’s there
Reaching for the stars will only lead to empty hands
So feel the ground below and know you are nothing but sand
Nothing but sand
Track Name: Devilish Dove
In a memory it’s nothing to me
But still everything you swing and you sing
Inside of my mind the twine still unwinds
And seeps out the sides and out of my eyes
I hold both my hands turn pearls into sand
An oyster at sea is the inverse of me
Your frame’s full of fear your eyes can’t see clear
But I couldn’t care say what you need to hear from me

Alarms sound outside the prison surprise
The furnace has failed the guards have been jailed
Your sweet mystery’s cold transparency
It seems so opaque the tree branches break
Inside of your heart a dungeon so dark
Can only be seen inside of a dream
So hold out your hand pretend to be sand
And see what I’ll do see if I adhere to you

Your lungs will exhale your feet never fail
But no one can love a devilish dove
So if I come back I’ll dress all in black
And gaze at the ground and hear silent sounds
And the counsel agrees the breeze shouldn’t freeze
Until the ropes break and tree branches swing and shake
Track Name: Every Day
Alone inside of my internal singalong
A seed that's sown inside a secret holding on
To icicles that fall into the drain
And flow in circles when the ice melts into rain
Every day, every day
Show me your parade
Everyday in every way
Let the people play every day

A single solo chorus goes and plays into the wall
A feather folded into pockets that you draw
My inner thoughts are walking in the dark
Into the marking call of fifty fallen parks
Every day, every day
We will be okay
Every day, every day
Never go away
Every day, every day

I have no more proper ways
To explain what is happening in my brain
Forced to feel
It isn't real
What am I doing?

I'll run away, just not today
This is what I say every day, every day
I never get my way every day

Every single single day
Track Name: Untitled
Don't you believe
That I tried to leave
I walked through the door
But I fell through the floor
And when I came back
The sky had turned black
And I could not see
Where I should be
Track Name: Burdens of Being a Person Pt. 2
No one stays themselves forever
Everyone adheres
To written regulations
Beaten down throughout the years
Children's old ambitions go
Their concrete feathers fall
Adult inhibition shows
Conversely staged through all
We have no explanation or
Defense to justify
The common condemnation of
The stars within the sky
The only people brave enough
To break and be unique
Are eating in the alleyways and
And sleeping in the streets

The world
Is all unfurled
There's nothing left to open
Theres no treasure chests or pearls
Just pain and execution caught
Inside an empty dream
The fallacies of fantasies
Are never as they seem

The rain it pours on city streets
And clouds corrupt the sky
Your dreary coalition grows
Until the day you die
The madness and the mayhem of
These repellant routines
Miracles are misconstrued
Though pretty and pristine
Ignored and shared to no one they are
Killed and thrown away
No one says a word they just
Continue on their way
Angels grace the forests and
They soar and seek to save
But cowardly we cut them down
And send them to their grave

The world
Is all unfurled
There's nothing left to open
Theres no treasure chests or pearls
Just carnage and corrosion caught
Inside an empty dream
The fallacies of fantasies
Are never as they seem

The tallest buildings seem to scrape
The ceiling of the sky
But when the fall they devastate
The ground on which they lie (And desecrate and die)
And prisoners of stark emotions
Wander through the earth
Fragile from constant stress
Of wondering their worth
And thousands upon thousands walk
Along the barren street
Only always occupy
Derision and deceit
They pray their empty promises
And sing their silent songs
Searching for some sacred place
To believe they belong

Synthetic aberrations coat
The faces of meek
Pretending to be different
At the end of every week
Chemicals consumed to show
The beauty of the brain
Are purely a preservative
Unnaturally insane

And currency is all we see
We watch it multiply
Catch it in your clothing when it's
Raining from the sky
Countless correlations between
Greed and green and sin
Masking the intentions of
Of the whispers from within

The world
Is all unfurled
There's nothing left to open
Theres no treasure chests or pearls
Just silence and seclusion caught
Inside an empty dream
The fallacies of fantasies
Are never as they seem

I said the world
Is all unfurled
There's nothing left to open
Theres no treasure chests or pearls
Just pain and execution caught
Inside an empty dream
The fallacies of fantasies
Are never ever seen
Track Name: The Selfish Saint
Oh selfish saint
How long did he wait
To tear apart innocence?
Pure as they come
Bright as the sun
But you stared at the mirror too long

Shining blue eyes
Grey as your skies
Now they see nothing
Where’d you leave your soul?
You gave away your whole
And now you are nothing to hold

The moonlight blames the Earth
For waning half its worth
But punish who you want here

You don’t thank a thirsty tree
For soaking half the sea
Frankly it’s just not fair

Corroding copper dreams
Combusting flames of green
Still look so pretty
But now what lies within
Beneath the fragile skin
Persuaded to believe him

Each night
Your mother’s spirit cries
A solemn lullaby
And looks tearfully upon you
Sorry for the slight
I never looked below the light
To see the oil empty

The sunlight turns its head
From the shadows in your bed
Naked and disgraceful

So if you don’t return
When your blood begins to burn
Just know that we’ll all miss you
Track Name: Remember Me
I know you don't feel the same way as I do
When we both share a shadow the sun itself drew
And I wish that we could let it live on someday
Though I know that the world doesn't work out that way

Still I hoped you'd imagine a world where it's we
Cause it's lonely inside when it's always just me
And though I almost did wish that I could forget you
I knew in my heart it could never come true

So I'll write a song
Before we're all gone

And I wish that the window wouldn't open so fast
And let out all the things that I loved from the past
And I'll hold this moment together today
With the hope that soon everything will be okay

But nothing is certain, not even time
So don't try to change it, don't try to rewind
And tell me right now that you won't forget me
So I know that I'll live on in your memory

Why should I care if the rest all forget?
If you remember I'll have no regrets
And why should I care about anyone else?
The truth is I don't even care for myself
I don't know what to do and I don't think I will
But not knowing what's coming's a third of the thrill
And nothing does matter in this ocean of tears
We won't be remembered in ten thousand years
Track Name: The Last Song
Sister you sat in your daydream
Coated our castles in kerosine
And whispered alive in these walls

And you imagined a false friend
Dealing with death in the day's end
Then through the fire he falls

And oh you don't know what you know when fire sweeps the shore
Oh you have to hurt to hate through all that you implore

And when the sirens expanded
It seemed your wish had been granted
And sister smothered the sun

But you are only what you are
Never soared in a sorry star
You were awoke when I won

And oh wage all the wars of which I never could endure
Oh I have to know what I have never known before
And sing our final song
Titled "How Could I Be Wrong?"